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Tesla Shareholder have a final warning


16th October 2023 | 88 Views

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Tesla’s shares are one of the most shorted shares in the world. Most of the people are skeptical about it’s future, But when it’s Elon you have to believe him for his track record in accomplishing the impossible. He has given many hints that Tesla will be highly profitable in near future, and to be specific by Q3. Tesla manufacturing went a shut down recently for some upgrades and fixing the bottle necks. Elon has promised 5,000 cars a week by end of this month. If he can succeed in it, for sure Tesla will be profitable. He on Twitter also warned short stock owners to withdraw there stocks within 3 week else it will be too late. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1008450201885872129 He is highly confident and I also see many future prospects if he is successful. If he succeeds Model 3 which is a highly volume car will reach more forks and develop brand. This would help sell Tesla Semi truck, and will help open the door of trucking industry. This would also allow to fulfill demand of Model 3 and ensure timely deluvery of Tesla Semi which would further allow timely deluvery of Tesla Roadster which is already scheduled 2 years from now. Tesla Roadster hype can dilute without timely delievery, Elon needs to ne extra careful with it. But with his mesaage and confidence he has shown he is highly confident that Tesla will be profitable, I think days of Tesla skeptics and Tesla short stock owners are over. And within few years over will be the days of Combustion cars. Which is the reason why many don’t want to see Tesla’s success.

Akarshit Mahajan



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