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Most of you must be thinking that you want to start with freelancing. But being freelancer in 2018!!!! Does this sound nice to start freelancing in 2018. Today I MysticalHopper will present some of my thoughts, actually unbiased, in front of you all.

Providing Services Most of you would be really passionate about start providing your personalised services to other people in return of some money. You all are perfect in one work or the other. But in 2018- I do not recommend you all to start with freelancing. There are a ton of people providing different kinds of services on different websites. The people who want services have their fixed people to provide the service. For example- I posted a service that I want a blogger to write some blogs on my website for a reasonable price. I suppose include in the title that only my service providers I want and no one else. So this would bebe not right. By this many people who have just started with freelancing do not get an opportunity. Many people also appoint those people who have a high rating in their overall performance on freelancer. They will always come on the top of posts. And the new people would go very down on the lists. I would recommend everyone to introduce with their new startups. They should not sell their impressive progress. You should all start with a new progressive business. If you have a large number of audience then I would recommend you all to start on Freelancer. Otherwise it does not make any sense to start as a fresh freelancer with no or very less audience.

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