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My Expeditions with Thailand – Phuket, Bangkok, Phi Phi, Krabi, Pattaya, Chiang Mai Planning to hangout on further upcoming vacations!! I have an idea for you all, you must plan a trip to Thailand, which is a very beachy place(in my own context I say coastal places as beachy places especially  Thailand Phuket, Krabi), in the sense that it has a lot of beaches. I just completed my trip to Thailand and I was so grateful to have an experience like that – which Thailand tourism provides to its tourist. First of all, I would like to tell you that it is a best place for couples, even it is also a place for that people who are looking to go there with their families. Visa Information- If you are an Indian and want to go there, you will further require a visa. But there is a good thing for you all, for visiting Thailand you get VOA (Visa-On-Arrival). This means that you just need a passport and book tickets and fly to Thailand. You need to fill the visa application form in the airport  only for which you have booked your flights. Mainly people visit Bangkok, the capital of the nation, is the place which has the most direct flights from India, in fact all. It only charges around Rs2200 for the Thailand visa. You can also get the visa Pre-issued from the Thailand visa. You just only need to fill the application form and submit to your nearest embassy.  Now you can enter Thailand. Flight Tickets- If you are looking for the flight tickets, you can check the ‘SKYSCANNER’ website from where you can get the cheapest possible flight for any airport around the world. Skyscanner, actually compares the price of flight tickets from many websites. Same if for ‘KAYAK’. You can also book cheap flight tickets from here too. Hotel Bookings- You can book your hotel room from “”, which is a very widely used online hotel booking portal. Using this you can book your hotel room and pay afterwards in the hotel in cash or in some any other kind. I prefer this website because I get very good prices for the hotel bookings as compared to other websites. Activities- You can book your activities in Thailand using “”, which is an Indian website. You can trust this website truly. But I prefer that you book your activities on the spot on reaching the area. This is because you can bargain them there. Now, that I have provided you all the information regarding Visa, Hotels and Flights, I will now begin providing you my experiences from day-1 to day-8, from my departure to my arrival back to home. SO LET’S START!!!! (Click Here For Online Visa Application) DAY-1(My journey from Chandigarh to Bangkok) I was very excited from many days back when I was about to leave. It was 2nd February, 2018.  Actually the airport nearest to me is the Chandigarh Airport, so there was a direct flight to Bangkok which is provided by ‘Air India’. The service was just started back in November, 2017. We started from our home and directly went to the airport. The immigration, customs were successful. Because it was a new airport, the immigration did not took long and we just entered the aircraft. The aircraft was also a new one. This was shot on my camera, the image of our Aircraft from Chandigarh to Bangkok, Thailand. It took us 5 long hours to reach our destination. It was really a mind-blowing view from the aircraft of the whole city of Bangkok. It was really a superb view. We boarded off the plane and the Suvarnabhumi Airport was as usual busy. Moreover, it was considered as the busiest airport in the world in 2016. We got our VOA first and cleared the immigration and security check afterwards. Just collected our luggage and hired a 11-seater van which took us to our hotel. The hotel was actually very-very clean and the view was just fab. We were all tired because of that long journey. We checked in into our hotel, ordered the dinner and just went to sleep. I hope you will like the series “Travel Thailand”. Just have a taste of Milyin. Also if you want a travel guide for summers, Click Here

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