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Tesla: When ‘they tried’ To Finish Tesla again

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Tesla is the biggest threat to gasoline cars, petroleum industry and their many affiliates. Tesla’s success and increasing popularity is by no means in there favor. At Tesla’s birth there were many attempts to kill it then and there but they failed. Tesla has now good market reputation and their are many tries to get Tesla down by secret means. A Tesla employee was found red handed doing “extensive and damaging sabotage.”  Elon told this to Tesla employees in his mail yesterday. He was found altering with manufacturing code. And sending highly classified information to other organization. The employee who’s name is kept private has given the reason for this as promotion. He did it because he was not being given promotion. Elon told, that now he thinks it was the right thing to do. Giving promotion to such a person was not in Tesla’s favor. Tesla right now is though struggling with financial crisis. They are trying really hard to achieve 5,000 cars a week mark by end of this month. Elon is really confident that Tesla will be profitable by Q3. This is  the last chance to  get Tesla down. Tesla once profitable, won’t be going down. These outside forces have there finances right at the moment, but if Tesla gets it’s own finances right, they would for sure not have there future right. Elon knows that very well. Many employees have also complained of harsh environment and many injuries they had during work in factories. These attempts I think are kidish. You need to bring some product better than market, else you are sure to die. Existing automobile companies are not ready to give up gasoline. They should remember “Change is The Only Constant” They need to understand that, evolving in this paradigm shift of EV’s is in there favor only.

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