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Whether you think you can or you can’t , you’re right !

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Cultivate Gratitude Thankfulness

Cultivate Gratitude Thankfulness

The title for today’s article is very right . At the last , The man who wins is the man who thinks he can .  Well , It depends on your thinking , whether you’re going to lose the game or you’re going to win . If there is a bug in your mind that is kept on saying , “I can !” , believe in me , You’ll definitely reach there but if there’s any doubt , it will kill that bug . So , A question arises here is that How can you fit that bug into your mind ? . That bug is nothing is but the feelings and emotions behind that desire that gives you hell lot of energy to accomplish your desire . If there are strong emotions and feelings that is constantly coming out from your heart , That bug will get birth into your mind and that bug will have the power to tackle one of the biggest obstacles just by fun . I’m summing up this article with a statement , “If you have the power to dream it , then you also have the power to achieve it !” .

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