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Most of readers at Milyin be fimiliar with Milyin’s logo. Designed by me, I today introduce you to the reason why this logo is like it is and also some tips. Milyin’s logo symbolises two people talking to each other, take a look at that logo again. Yes the two legs of ‘M’ represent 2 people talking and the arms reprwsent them doing a handshake. Logo is not just a simple picture, it is a symbol. It symbolises a company or group’s believe. It should tell what your company believes in. It should be something that is quite unique to you or your specialty. They don’t stand different from crowd, they make an impact. The logo should not d symbolise something to market yourself, but a believe.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins logo if taken look closely has the colour in blue. See there B’s loop representing 3 and R’s leg representing 1 collectively making 31. 31 flavours of Baskin Robbins. These can be unique to Baskins only. They are not marketing it, but they are telling there values that they try to make 31 great flavours.


Apple’s famous logo, is not a rotten bite. It is not a apple that you assume has been kept somewhere in Cupertino. Apple’s bite in logo is a symbol for ‘Byte’ Byte is the basic unit of memory. And Apple with this represet that they are a computer company. They have computers into there DNA. Steve Jobs when designed Apple’s logo, he rejected many concepts. During his period at NextStep he spent $100,000 for that logo. The point is that logo has no specific rules. Apple created it over a concept that was common in many companies, i.e. tech. Baskin Robbins created over a concept more specific, 31 flavours. NextStep spent $100,000. But Google and Microsoft did it for $0. The only thing that makes a impact is that they should jave some symbol. Milyin’s logo symbolises that Milyin reprents, people sharing there thoughts, opinions, and concepts. I built that logo for the fact that Milyin beleieves in it. Hope I can be helpful for your logos also.

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