How To Build A Great Company Culture

How to Build Great Company Culture

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A great company culture is required in each and every company so that we can ensure, that our employees stay happy and can focus on better lifestyle. The problem is that it is hard to build a culture, where the person feels happy about the work and maintains a good lifestyle, and stills remains highly productive so that we can ensure that company remains profitable, can move towards its goals, and progress on. The present condition is that the employees are stressed with targets, bosses and tough jobs, that lead to stressful and tense life. Now today we discuss some companies that have the best work culture and still are really productive/ successful. These companies are rich companies but still employees love working there.


Zappos is a company that is known for the best company culture in world. A training team trains the employee before he joins. A major portion is of talking and teaching the values.

Along with it they are taught the skills to carry out the tasks for which they are hired. After the training they are given the option to take a handsome amount of money and leave there job, in case they didn’t like the job. This means that they can leave there job and take away a big amount if #Zappos don’t like the company.

The result was that they ensured that only the people who wanted to work in the company, remain and rest go away. They teach there employees care, loyalty, friendship, cooperation etc. There major principles:

  • Deliver WOW Through Service
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
  • Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  • Do More With Less
  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Be Humble

They treat there employees as if they are the members of there own family. You can find people, always willing to go out of way to help you. The person next to you will keep the door open to you so that you pass the entrance, even when it is not his job to keep the door open for you


#Starbucks is best known for there coffee, that helps people to be fresh when they reach office. But they need to ensure that there own employees are also fresh when they reach the office and for it they need to build positive or happy culture.

The culture in the Starbucks is a culture of belonging and diversity. The company builds a circle of safety, where the company protects and supports every person from Barista to Manager.
Starbucks like Zappos, has also build some basic principles at which they work. “… at Starbucks, I’ve always said we’re not in the coffee business serving people, we’re in the people business servicing coffee.” – Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Corporation (2008-2017)
They also have company statement, not to be confused with tagline. The statement defines the culture or the way they work. There mission statement goes as follows. “Our #mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” – Starbucks Mission Statement

Southwest Airlines

#Southwest Airlines, is very well renowned for there happy employees. People love flying Southwest Airline. Not because they are the cheapest or they have the best seats.

They have the best employees. The employees are not selected based on there qualifications. Only the willing and capable candidate is kept for job. They try to ensure that customers are happy. They have a unique policy, where employees are expected to go beyond the rules and defy all rules to go an extra mile to make customers happy.


The culture at #Twitter has been great. The micro blogging website is known for friendly and interactive work culture. They ensure that employees remain productive and happy at same time.

Things like having meetings on roof top rather than office halls. Smiling faces and motivated people greet you across all the corridors of the company, so that you can feel good and build up a positive attitude. A positive environment and good company culture.

Twitter employees can never talk stopping about how they love to work in there company. Truly these small things do not cost much in terms of time or money but create a better environment and a happy culture in which employees wake up inspired for work


#Google is one of the most innovative and creative companies in world apart from successfully being a tech giant, but it also has a great #CompanyCulture Employees are encouraged to be productive without overexerting themselves.

We’re encouraged to take our vacation. Google has a unique culture of work flow. They once even tried to finish the position of managers across companies to make organisation flatter, and simple.

Though that didn’t work well. Jonathan Rosenberg in his book How Google Works, talks about how Google follows a policy of 80/20. The 80% of the time that any employee spends 80% of the time doing the job he has been assigned, and then the 20% of the time the employee himself decides and works on any new idea he wants.

Akarshit MahajanLast Seen: Mar 29, 2024 @ 3:30pm 15MarUTC

Akarshit Mahajan



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