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The History of Notre Dame Cathredal

16th October 2023 | 156 Views

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The Notre Dame cathedral caught a massive fire on Monday that caused the historic place to get collapsed. The place attracted over 10 Million people every year.

Situated in Paris, it was built in 1345. This cathedral is symbol of peace and is the seat of archbishop of Paris. In history it is remembered for Napoleon Bonaparte, who sought to save the storied cathedral, was crowned emperor there in 1804.

It is a place that survived 2 World Wars and a Revolution, but now unexpectedly comes in hand of this disaster. The History of Notre Dame Cathedral is far beyond just History it is prominently talked in literature also. Famous French Writer Victor Hugo write about it in ”The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

Where it seen to have flames. Victor Hugo describes flames in the Cathedral when Quasimodo uses fire and stones to attack Truands in order to save Esmerelda. The cause and occurrence of fire is still into investigation. The fire is in control, and no harm to life has been reported.

People from around the world have shown there grief over it. Over some 400 firefighters battled to save with UNESCO World Heritage. The iconic Gothic Spire collapsed during the fire.

Also, many organizations have come up to fund rebuilding this sacred place, a french billionaire has promised €100 Million for its rebuilding. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also promised funds for carrying forward the support for it.

The French Government spent on an average 2 Million Euros to maintain it but still the condition was not very good. It is a heritage place and everyone wants it to be preserved. It should be well known that in past also it has faced fires.

With support and effort of people around the globe it seems that the process to restore it and continue the history of Norte Dame Cathedral will be Quick.

“What happened was bound to happen,” said Jean-Michel Leniaud, president of the scientific council at the national Heritage Institute.

“The lack of real upkeep and daily attention to such a major building is the cause of this catastrophe. “This is not about looking for people to blame. The responsibility is collective because this is the most loved monument in the country,” said Leniaud

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