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Why Will Artificial Intelligence be Harmful For Humans In Future

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Why Will Artificial Intelligence Be Harmnful For Humans in Future. Artificial Intelligence is what people believe will help us achieve self driving cars and smart robots. But how and why will Artificial Intelligence be Harmful For Humans in Future. Artificial Intelligence is when the code is self aware. The software is able to understand itself, and automatically understand and respond differently to different situations. Computer which is ability to understand various things in image, is also based on Artificial Intelligence. Looking at the capability of Artificial Intellegence everyone would think why will Artificial Intelligence be Harmful For Humans in Future. The reason Why Artificial Intelligence would be Harmful For Humans is because it is self aware. It can understand it’s own self and take decisions for itself. As a result, it can go out of control if proper control is not taken. Take this for example. The AI clock wakes you up in morning when your sleep is actually over. And then the coffee maker keeps the coffee ready by the time you reach. AI speaker tells your daily schedule, and recommends you the dress based on your to-do list After that the Car based on your work takes you to your location automatically, while you read newspaper sitting on driving seat. Till here AI is working good, and is giving us a dreamy life. But then now imagine you are driving in your car, and it being self aware is capable to take decisions of its own. The car somehow is overtaken by another car. In a way similar to what a bad tempered driver would do, the car also decides to fight back. Unlike the way we expect it to work, it bumps the way of the other car and starts a fight. This would be a manner similar to humans. And it is possible, because Artificial Intelligence means that it is possible to think like humans. If you are feeling it is a Sci-Fi, then no it is quiet possible. Artificial Intelligence means that it can go beyond our control, causing it to be independent or not bound by any rules to take its decisions and as a result creating trouble. ”As AI gets probably much smarter than humans, the relative intelligence ratio is probably similar to that between a person and a cat, maybe bigger, I do think we need to be very careful about the advancement of AI.” And in the long term another major problem of Why Artificial Intelligence Will Be Harmful to Humans in Future is that it would we difficult for humans to be able to trust computers. How will anyone trust a machine that misbehaves itself like a mischievous child, we can’t trust our information over itself. Or may be we don’t feel comfortable in driving in a autonomous care, and therefore we may undo all the advancements and developments we did in our technology. Google a while ago started a project called Project Maven, which aimed to improve the accuracy of military equipment by utilizing Artificial Intelligence in there machines. This was dislikes and was closed later, fearing Artificial Intelligence would add up to threatening human life. #AI #ArtificialIntellegence #Google #Military #AutonomousDriving

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  1. Rushikesh Dandekar

    I had the same point to be cleared! AI is getting best as well as worse in some conditions. If we discuss about worse, AI has declined the job percentage, and in education – students from small age are also using AI to complete their work in less time. There are also major factors to be considered. I’ve also discussed in my blog do visit and share your words with me.