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How to Become a Infinite Player: Finite and Infinite Game Explanation

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Finite and Infinite Game Explanation, and How To Become a Infinite Player. Let’s Discuss the concept of finite and infinite games to understand how to become a infinite player, and get a lead over competition. When ever there are 2 or more competitors it is defined as a game. The games are of 2 types, Finite and Infinite Game. When we have set rules and principles it is called finite game, but a game with no rules is called infinite game. A infinite player would play to continue and advance the game, while a finite player would try to win over the game. Now in most cases people try to divide different fields to be having finite and infinite players. A war for example is considered to be finite, where the motive is to win over the other country. But as seen in Simon Sinek’s examples on how to become a infinite player, he shows how wars can also be infinite. The first example regarding how to become a infinite player is of Cold War. The motive of cold war was to continue the war as long as possible, when either player went out of will to continue the game, and decided to quit then the other player gained victory. Another example on how to become a infinite player is of war between the United States and Vietnam. US won almost all of the battles over the many years, but they still lost the war. Now, if you take Cricket for example, it has defined rules, you can’t bend the rules, that is a finite aspect, but is each finite game there can be infinite game as well, a infinite player would bend the rules and would play infinitely within the bounds of rules. Some acts of presence of minds, can be considered a part of infinite game. There are many instances where just a different mindset and a thought process can help you understand how to become a infinite player. A infinite player always have a advantage over the finite player. The infinite player never settles when he sees the goal to soon be conquered and an infinite player will always find solutions to problems because a infinite player will always think with a open mind, and it makes it possible to find out of the box solutions to big problems. We see it very well in politics where a party plays to put up a win over another political party, this is in most cases a finite mindset, a infinite mindset on other hand is when a political party is ready to face some losses so that they can continue the game for longer, and the game itself may benefit. This means that political parties would support there competing political parties so that nation may gain. Sometimes in our jobs we play to get better salary and so that our colleagues don’t get promotion. It is a finite game, where first of all you play for yourself and secondly you are not showing team work. A infinite game would be where your goal would be to make the company grow, because our jobs are finite but job as a whole is infinite. When talking about the concept of how to become a infinite player we often see that people consider a infinite game to be a game of sacrifice. That is not true. We say in the example of Vietnamese and US war, where a infinite player won from a finite player. The Vietnam was a weak and economically less stable country. But still Vietnam wins. This is because US played finite game where the goal was to win the war. While Vietnamese being Infinite, were playing for there lives. In most cases a infinite player would have a more abstract and a more anti-materialistic goal. A infinite game was seen back in 2001 with Apple also. Apple had been developing iMovie and Garage Box for there Macs, so that normal users could become creative. But then they saw many Music Players rushing through the market. They knew that they were late. But rather than trying to rush there product in market, they set a infinite goal to improve the technology. They ensured that there product which was the iPod was far more beautifully designed, and had much more storage capacity. And after release soon it finished the competition and became a great product. That is why a infinite player will win. And that is why it is important to understand how to become a infinite player. Here a finite player would have a goal to gain market share and therefore would work to bring his product to market as early as possible. But a infinite player would work to improve the technology. Hope you enjoyed this read on How to Become a Infinite Player.

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