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Cloudflare adds a VPN To Its DNS Resolver

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Cloudflare the brand that is well known for it’s Freemium Content Delivery Network for websites. It also has its very own DNS resolver, that it calls, Cloudflare has just launched its VPN, adding up to the bundle of products that they already have. The service was launched in November. It aims to speed up the load time of internet, by simplifying the connections through which a device has to go, before it receives the data to build the page. It worked similar to VPN, as it routed the data through it, but till now the priority was to speed up the internet rather than encryption, or users data security, though now the things are changing. Cloudflare now introduces Warp into the mix, Warp is there VPN directly built into the mix. The aim is to improve the existing speed at which the page loads, while still keeping the data of user private. This would ensure that all your private activities take place, at fast speed, while still ensuring that ur internet service provider as well as middle men remain away from using it for themselves. They are using latest protocols and standards for optimization. Cloudflare is one of the industry leader in terms of DNS, with one of the least latency. Cloudflare also provides, it’s own Content Delivery Network commonly termed as CDN Without paying anything, you can get faster load times for your site, free SSL, brotli compression, TLS, minification and many other wonderful features. Cloudflare has been on a mission to improve internet speed and user privacy. The mission is privacy, and as a result it does not allow you to change your location. This is a feature that every other VPN supports. If you think that ability to change country might be in works and may be launched later, then turns out you are wrong. Cloudflare does not wants to allow you to fool internet, to access content for another country.  

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