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Personality Traits Of Elon Musk: How The Billionaire CEO works

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Aditya Agarwal

Elon Musk has his unique set of Personality Traits. The Personality Traits of Elon Musk make him unique and that helped him become successful. Personality Traits of Elon Musk include, Hard Work, Passion, Undying Spirit, And ofcourse hid famous Unified Field Theory.

Personality Trait of Elon Musk for Hard Work

One of the highlights of Elon Musk Personality is his hard working. He works really hard to get the things done, while facing the financial crisis, he used to work around 20 hours a day to get things done, and make company successful. His hard working nature was very well eminent in the time when his companies Tesla and SpaceX were at verge of #bankruptcy. He told that he would spend his last penny to get #Tesla and #SpaceX successful. He would even shift to garage of parent’s of Justine Musk (his then girlfriend). Hid personality traits show spirit for getting things done and that reflects in his hard work, he is passionate to the extent that he forgets his family friends any one else for the sake of it. His personality can sometimes we weird there are instances when he is already in mess, when he adds up another trouble for himself. When #ElonMusk and Kimbal Musk started there first company called Zip2, they used to work day and night through all situations. There was a time when he had to go to some public place to take bath just because that saved his money.

Elon Musk Lacks Personality Trait of Teamwork and Human Interaction

This is a personality trait that Elon Musk lacks. He always wants to extract max out of his employees. He personality gets the same from his own self also. The has insane work ethics. His excessive expectations from his employees cause lots of troubles for them. He himself says that he has been optimistic about timelines and usually puts up too much impossible dead lines for his work, but that’s his personality. Elon sets optimistic goals for others. And this Personality Trait Of Elon Musk is best explained in the below example An engineer named Steve Davis was asked to build “an actuator that would trigger the gimbal action used to steer the upper stage of Falcon 1.” So Davis goes to contractors who tell him they can build one … for $100,000. Musk laughs. “That part is no more complicated than a garage door opener,” he tells Davis. “Your budget is $5,000. Go make it work.” And Davis does, for $3,900. That’s the beauty. “I don’t ever set intentionally impossible goals,” Musk says. “But I’ve certainly always been optimistic on time frames.” And this very well explains Personality Traits of Elon Musk for Team Work. All this create unnecessary burden towards his employees and team mates. While at Zip2 and he used have great ideas, that were having less practical scope and more risk, most of the time people were to much afraid of risk and he remained alone to defend himself. The result of his personality was him loosing his title as #CEO in both the companies. You can’t say he was wrong, he is a successful entrepreneur and has gone through so much troubled times, but back then people considered the idea foolish, and due to personality traits Elon Musk found it difficult to generate support. The basic problem that remained was that he could work really hard and had insane work ethics, far sighted vision, and a innovative thought process. Most of the time people couldn’t put themselves in his shoes. And these 2 things have today with time made Elon Musk distinguished from many others.

Tony Stark, Africa and Childhood

Many people have said that Elon Musk has face and looks resembling to #TonyStark, for those you unaware Tony Stark is the public name of the character Iron Man. Even though it is ficticious, but Elon Musk and Tony Stark are equally hard working, fearless and successful. He is the closest resemblance of Tony Stark known till date. Though he didn’t have a star like looks in his childhood. Born in South Africa he had a really simple life. He was pretty mich interested in reading and any time he got a good book, he would start reading it then and there. He was bullied in school. Once some kids conspired to make him fall of stairs which caused him to remain him in hospital for a week. Though he recovered pretty quick. Another Personality Trait of Elon Musk was Deep Thinking, since childhood he could be so engrossed in his thoughts that he could ignore everything. Elon Musk used to be in his own thoughts most of the time. His parents used to think that he had some hearing issues which didn’t allow him to respond when called. It actually was his focus towards his thoughts. Anyhow they got Elon Musk operated to remove some tissue that accordibg to doctors could have supported in better hearing. Elon Musk was nerdy since childhood. He along with his brother made a video game at the age of 12 years. It was called blaster and was similar to those classic Atari games. It is worth taking note that it was a big deal to achieve it in 1983. 1983 was a point where Graphic User Interface was unknown. The first Macintosh took a whole year more to get released by Steve Jobs in 1984. He even sold his this game for a sum of $500.

Elon Musk Personality Trait Of Love

Being Romantic is another major personality trait of Elon Musk. Elon Musk met his first wife, Justine Wilson, at Queen’s University in Ontario, at first look he knew she would be a hard catch. In order to get her, he tried to talk once or twice after being unsuccessful, he asked her Best Friend, “which is her favorite Ice Cream”. As told Elon Musk’s #Personality Traits include being desperate for achieving something.

That day he invited her spend time together, but she decided to stay in to study, he later showed up with her favorite “two chocolate-chip ice cream cones dripping down his hands.” Musk transferred to Wharton, but kept sending Justine roses. They went their separate ways, but reconnected as Musk started working on his first startup and Justine started working on her first novel after graduation.

Musk cold be highly competitive, once he in a psychology class got 97, Justine got 98. He argues with professor to get with way too a hundred. Though he was romantic too, he once sent Justine a dozen roses each with it’s own handwritten note. This is a #romantic personality trait of Elon Musk.

He got a scholarship to University of Pennsylvania. He attended all classes of interest, he once in business class was given task to write a business model. He wrote it about solar energy and it’s need. He titled it “sun will come out tomorrow” that represented his future ideas, thoughts and believes. And having strong believe and taking firm stands is very well eminent in personality Traits of Elon Musk

Elon had got over with his 8 year relationship with Justine, during the financial crisis in 2008. Justine had given birth to twins in 2004, and triplets in 2006. Both of them share the custody of there children. Elon tries to give time to his kids, even in his tight schedule. After there split they haven’t talked about each other much. For over 1 year, when he got up from crisis, he kept away from personal life. In 2010, he started dating British actress Talulah Riley. Talulah and Musk announced end of there relationship in 2012. Though Elon said that he would keep loving her. They remarried in 2013, and soon Elon filed for divorce, though soon it was withdrawn. It was clear that there relationship was in trouble, and what was happened was as expected, another divorce was filed, this time around it was filled by Talulah. Musk began his next relation with Amber Heard in 2016, and ended it up in 2017. He started dating with Canadian Musician Grimes, though we have not got to hear much about the relationship till now.

Unified Field Theory

“Elon Musk”, Billionaire CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Solarcity, OpenAI, Neuralink, Boring Company etc. has been famous for his, strategy to manage businesses. He has his simple way of managing and deciding businesses strategy to start. His way also helps both companies in their growth.His method is called “Unified Field Theory”. This method also reduces work load, and helps manage and prosper both businesses. His method is simple in theory, but it is hardly taken care off, when deciding which business to start next. His method says you should have businesses that can provide an external support to each other. To give example of “Elon Musk” himself, SpaceX launches satellites for Tesla, that allow Tesla to provide user navigation services, and SpaceX uses batteries manufactured by Tesla to power there system. He finds out any difficulty he faces in any of his business, and if unable to solve it he starts a whole company on it. Like he felt it was difficult to commute from Tesla to SpaceX headquarter, day in and day out. So he started a company called “Boring Company”, and it is not ‘boring’ it here means tunnel boring machines. It is building tunnels called “Hyperloops” that would use electric energy (again provided by Tesla) to move cars in pods at speed of over 250km/hr consistently, and energy efficiently. And though it has yet to have it’s first tunnel fully functional, it has been highly highly profitable for the man. ”””””””””” Similarily he started company called “OpenAI” to keep a check over AI as main motive but he also uses it to make AI algorithms for the Autopilot of Tesla’s Model S,X,3. Often times we see profit opportunity as factor for starting new company, though this is way you should decide your new venture, and be efficiently and profitable in running both.

Aditya AgarwalLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 6:35am 6NovUTC

Aditya Agarwal


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