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Companies Faking Their Dual Camera System ?

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Companies Faking Their Dual Cameras :

Many companies are faking about their dual camera system as the camera is just a model. They advertise thier phones with portrait mode without 2x zoom which clearly specifies that they can be fake.

How to know ?

As I said above, we could tell by the no 2x zoom provided and if you have the phone, you can open the camera and test by putting your hand in front of the camera and recoganise if it can completely provide bokeh around your fingers without blurring it.

What are the phones ?

1. Lenovo k5 note 2. Dougee mix 1 3. Dougee mix 2 And many more…. Most of the phones of Lenovo and Dougee and have fake dual camera system, but companies like OnePlus does not fake the dual camera as they say truth about the cameras.

Best phones with Bokeh mode :

1. Google Pixel 2, 2XL. (King) 2. Huawei P20, P20 Pro 3. iPhone X 4. Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And many mid range options are available like MIA1 which has the best dual camera system in its price range with android one. Except OnePlus has 2 similar cameras for detailed image but doesn’t have good bokeh mode as it’s mostly done by software as cannot compete Google in this standard as they can achieve anything SMARTLY.

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