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What is Article 13 of EU: European Copyright Law

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What is Article 13 of European Union? Article 13 is #Euorpean #Copyright #law that wants to insure that there is no stealing of intellectual property at all. Big brands would have to do more than ever before to stop copyrighted content. Article 13, passed on 12 September 2018, is intended to facilitate harmonisation of the digital world, including of the Internet from an EU perspective with a view to creating a Single #EuropeanUnion Digital Market for the purpose of conducting commerce between the member nations. Open platforms like #YouTube, #Twitter, #Facebook, #Wikipedia, #Wattpad, have good copyright systems where owner of intellectual property can report and get any post using his/her content deleted. But with this law it means that companies YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure that copyrighted materially isn’t being illegally shared on their platforms. The probable outcome will be a WIPO convention along the lines of the Berne convention on copyright and the enforcement will be similar to how you tube demonetizes sites that use material owned by others – without blocking the content. Youtube shared the below pic on Instagram and told that, because this law would make YouTube directly liable to any copyright violations, and YouTube would have to massively restrict YouTube videos in those regions. Many Content Creators have YouTube as there only source of income who belong to Europe they would have there videos unavailable. This will cause them to loose there source of income, and those pages would be blank for viewers.   It is a article that want to take data privacy of people to next level and wants to massively restrict internet. They have talked about Link tax and Meme Ban. The Article 11 and Article 13 are proposing concept of Link Tax and Meme Ban. Link tax means there would a charge applicable whenever a link to news article is shared and Meme bans, means that all social platforms would have to remove and delete memes from there platform. This is true that you should respect intellectual property, and Directive of Copying or Article 13 is doing the same. But no one can do professional work without income. There is no benefit of idea of copyrights if the content can’t come in use of humanity. This law is a threat to many jobs and restriction to information. You can’t restrict everyone because Someone is Wrong. But this what Directive of Copying or Article 13 is doing.

You can’t restrict everyone because, Someone is Wrong

Directive of Copying or Article 13 will be protecting data, and asking platforms to filter the content. It would be starting with memes and going to the biggest extent.    

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