12 Little Known Things about Famous Logos

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Today we discuss some little known things about Famous Logos. These are designs and small details that go unnoticed, along with some hidden features of famous logos.

1. One of the little things about a logo of famous company is of Apple. One of the richest and the biggest company in world. The Apple’s logo is made with highly geometric figures. The logo is made up of portions of circles that are in fibonnaci series. The whole logo can be made by circular shapes of different radius.

Main Qimg 5b3a6c2d5ea21c7118b713a0786d06b2 01 Main Qimg 5b3a6c2d5ea21c7118b713a0786d06b2 01

2. Baskin Robbins the famous ice cream brand has a unique hidden fact about there own company. They have a ’31’ hidden with blue color in there logo. The blue curve of ‘B’ is in shape of ‘3’ and ‘R’ is in shape of ‘1’. The page 31 is the number of flavors that serves to its customers. They represent there culture.

Main Qimg 46e12d030a3d9d254940ec361db94f56 Main Qimg 46e12d030a3d9d254940ec361db94f56

3. The third unique logo is of Toyota. Toyota’s logo has each of it’s alphabets covered in the Logo. There logo is simple design where different parts of logo has there different alphabet representation.

Main Qimg 7a1758b14710ab6fb226d785cb4b28a6 Main Qimg 7a1758b14710ab6fb226d785cb4b28a6

4. FedEX the famous courier company has a unique hidden feature in there logo. If you have not spotted the thing ant time before, then note the space between second ‘E’ and ‘X’ the region between ‘ex’ is in the shape of a arrow symbolising continuous movement of there courier.

Main Qimg 586dd5e5b606ba1cf490236c1caa9fff Main Qimg 586dd5e5b606ba1cf490236c1caa9fff

5. The next logo is of the famous Question and Answer site Quora. The ‘Qu’ symbolize ‘Questions, then we have ‘or’ and lastly, ‘a’ symbolizes ‘answer’. Therefore, Quora = Question or Answer!

Main Qimg 2980def9ed720ba4cf5f462344894a52 Main Qimg 2980def9ed720ba4cf5f462344894a52

6. Sony VAIO, but look a little closer and you’ll see the first two letters represent an analog symbol and the last two letters are binary. This is a simple and a unique setup, giving the name while still having a symbolism.

Main Qimg 347233fbac1a7835ca3103cc07918859 01 Main Qimg 347233fbac1a7835ca3103cc07918859 01

7. The next Logo is of Amazon. This Logo like VAIO has a simple set up with all alphabets. But looking closely you can see that there is a arrow pointing from A to Z. Symbolizing that Amazon sells everything from A to Z

Main Qimg A49cd84804c3b78ae660d8b9ad4790a2 01 Main Qimg A49cd84804c3b78ae660d8b9ad4790a2 01

8. Those who love chips and packed food very well know Tostitos. The 2 T’s is the center look like 2 people eating chips on a table in shape of I. Thus showing what there brand stands for

Main Qimg Ff448ed01b7ac97f504812fdeb5dbc8c 01 Main Qimg Ff448ed01b7ac97f504812fdeb5dbc8c 01

9. The logo of Adidas the famous sports wear brand has the shape of the 3 stripes on the logo represents a mountain, pointing out towards  the challenges that are seen ahead and goals that can be achieved.

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10. Audi has a 4 circles in its logo, some may think that the 4 circles represent the 4 wheels of the car. But it is a little known thing about the famous logo that represent the four companies that were part of the Auto-Union Consortium in 1932. They were DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.

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11. IBM logo, generates a message of “Equality”. The Big Blue IBM logo, with its lower right parallel lines, highlights in the shape of an “equals” sign. Furthermore, the term “BIG” in the Big Blue IBM logo refers to the company’s size in the market share, whereas, the “BLUE” is the official color of the eight-bar IBM logo

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12. Pinterest the site for sharing information in form of images has the ‘P’ in the shape of a pin. As pinning the images to save them is the basic concept of site. The initial alphabet of the company very well showing its total ideology.

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