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16th October 2023 | 133 Views

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Amazon is your go to when ever you have to buy relevant stuff and has widest range with wierdest to wierdest stuff. Similar is the case with integration between Apps and services your go to is IFTTT, which stands ‘If This Then That’ it is a service of services, where you can make applets that integrate 2 services. This can do simple tasks, like when you are geographically near your office turn on Do Not Disturb or when you are about to reach home turn on Air Conditioner, or mute phone at bed time. It is also used by websites like Milyin to automatically post new Creations on Twitter. For using it the first step is to connect services for eg. If you want to mute phone at bedtime, then connect to clock and your phone by searching those services, though in this case if you have IFTTT app installed, then it will automatically connect those services for app will obviously on your phone. So after connecting through a service you can either search for applets on IFTTT,  and install them or if you want to create your own applet, then the process is really simple. Go to create new applet, and there you would be greeted with ‘IF This Than That’ and now click over ‘This’ which means the trigger, this is the parameter that defines when should it work, for eg. To mute phone at 9, your trigger is 9pm, so select this as clock, then it would ask you further trigger, in this case it would be time, select time. After that it would ask you ‘That’ which is the result, in this case it would be more the phone, so select phone and then mute. It would summarize your apples and would ask what you would like to name it and option to save. Click save and you are done. You can now enjoy simpler life. SO Here are the best applets we found on IFTTT site. We have attached the decription taken from the applet author itself (though i have at some places edited it or added more information). If you find any of the applet below useful, then simply go the link login to IFTTT, and follow the steps that #IFTTT asks you to do to turn it on.

Wake up with coffee nearby

how about a fresh cup of coffee to entice you out of bed in the morning? So that you wake up energetic If you’ve got a Fitbit and Belkin WeMo plug, then you can use this applet to automatically switch on the coffee maker when Fitbit registers you waking up in the morning.

Mute your Android phone when you arrive at work

How many times it has been that you felt embarrassed in office or work place, because your phone rang, and consequences

Locate your workplace and when you arrive, your device will mute and be set to vibrate. This is a serious life saver check this #applet out here.

Turn off WiFi on your Android when you leave home to save power

If you don’t normally use #WiFi when you’re not at home, this Applet will help you save power on your #Android Device throughout the day by turning off WiFi when you leave home. Save battery, and you can make another applet to turn on wifi when you reach home.

Check it here

Launch Google Maps Navigation 15 minutes before your next meeting with directions to get there

Does that happen that when you have the most important or the most urgent interview, and when you sit in car you realize that you are unaware of directions to destination. Or you assume your commute to require less time than what it actually takes, then this applet is handy.

This Applet will launch #Google Maps Navigation on your Android when you have an upcoming meeting in 15 minutes. Check this applet here

If it’s firing too often or you want it to work only for specific calendar events, use this Applet instead:

Automatically mute your Android phone at bedtime

Each day at the time that you choose below, this Applet will mute your Android device. So that it does not disturb your sweet dreams. You can set a time at which your phone will get mute automatically. You can customize it as another applet to unmute it in morning also, so that you can wake on time also.


Update your Android wallpaper with NASA’s image of the day

So when you get up in morning you want something interesting and refreshing as you are tired making world records in your dream. To refresh yourself, a wonderful phone wallpaper showing beauty of mother earth is the best. With the applet that we are now presenting, you can have a new wallpaper everyday from NASA. The #NASA‘s Picture of the Day becomes your wallpaper of the day, showing you marvels of world. Your device can now contain the amazing vastness & beauty of space! Basically. Check it out here.

Get a notification for birthday events in your calendar

Don’t miss an important birthday! This Applet searches for the word “birthday” in an event’s title or description and sends you a notification once the event starts. This is for those who are lazy enough to check the calendar frequently but still don’t want to forget there Friend’s Birthday.

Check It Here

Add songs from videos you like to a Spotify playlist

This Applet will be handy for the ones who love music. This applet triggers when you watch YouTube, and whenever you listen to a song on YouTube, it will search the title of the video on Spotify — if it finds the track, it’ll add it to a ” #YouTube” playlist. Not all songs on YouTube are available on #Spotify.  Happy tune hunting! Check it here

Automatically add new iOS Contacts to your Google service

The Applet allows you to sync new #iOS contacts with your most used Google services. New contacts will be added to a Google spreadsheet, added to your Google contacts, and marked in your Google calendar. So that you can remain in control. Check it here.

Have an old phone? Why not turn it into a security camera? Traditional security cameras can be expensive, especially if you’re just wanting to monitor a small, potentially less important area of your home. In this case, maybe you don’t want to pay $100 bucks just to make sure your dog isn’t snooping where he shouldn’t. If you have an old phone, you can grab the Manything Applet for the Apple or Android, as well as this IFTTT Applet; with this set up, you’ll get emailed a video clip anytime your phone senses movement.

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