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Game Streaming for PCs and Console: Future of Tech

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Whenever we think of computers and mobiles one thing that comes to your mind is the specification and power of the device.

Specially the gamers, they require good specs get the optimal gaming performance.

Shadow Tech a new brand in this field has a perfect solution under which without adding extra hardware we can get great performance.

How via using cloud hardware. The GPU are centralised at remote locations and they process all graphics. The processed graphics are sent to your PC via Software and a extra peripheral 

They have optimized software and there servers to the greatest extent so that there is minimal lag in the middle.

With the Work that shadow Tech has done, you would need to connect GPU thus making workspace clean. They would be using high performance graphic processors.

They have also collaborated with companies like Logitech to optimize there peripherals to work smoothly with the device. They imagine a world where everything works at 4k 60fps without the worry of heating or extra wires.

With high performance CPU, GPU and lots of memory that is constantly upgraded and optimized, your PC remains powerful even if bough in 2010

#ShadowTech is available on all devices, #Mac, #PC, #tab and #phone. While playing a game switching from one form factor is instant and has never been experienced before.

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