Future Of Google Search: Prioritizing Context Over Relevance


16th October 2023 | 115 Views

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We all have used Google sometimes or the other times for getting whatever we want. And we rely ln Google search a lot. According to stats Most of the people find the right answer to whatever they want with in the first 3 results. Rarely do people bither of lookong at links after the 3rd link.

At such a time i find a major flaw in what Google does. I have a reason why I don’t like Google search or any other search, and reason in contextuality. Google sorts posts relevant based over there algorithm, but they are relevant not contextual.

i will explain… for eg. if you search ‘apple’ then it may be that you are talking of ‘Apple the company’ not apple ‘the fruit’

Google shows you the result of fruit only no matter how much you are interested in articles related to apple the company. and other way around is also true, if you love fruits and you search apple then you don’t want to see the company in results.

and the solution to this problem is simple as making the results contextual. It means search should understand who is searching and why is he searching rather than simply considering what he is searching.

this work is really easy for Google, because they have pretty great machine learning algorithms that can do this. and they run on so many phones that they can very well understand the context of person. so that the iphone guy finds the results of apple the company and fruit guy finds the results of Apple the fruit.

how many types has it been that you had retype and tetype and retype various combination of results before you get the right result. There you see that you have to search untill you find the result that is most apt for your context.

Google has large database of your search. This database without violating policy, can be utilized. simple develop a machine learning algorithm that monitors and starts to understand the interest of person and over the period of weeks knows what a person might like.

Developing the algorgrithm is not as easy as it sounds. But i believe Google is capable of doing it. And this should be made the next big step in improving Google Search.

Akarshit Mahajan



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