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How Hard Copy Books are better than E-Books

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I love reading hard copy. I’ll give subtle reasons for it. There are many great books that feel good only in hard copy. 2 books ‘ The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and ‘Together Is Better’ by Simon Sinek will explain it. And the explanation is NOT related to what is written in the. I have the soft and hard copy of both books. It feels so good to read just these 2 books in hard copy. You don’t need any knowledge about these books.

I will explain you how do they appeal to all your senses. How they will make you adicted to hardcopy. 

The book secret has a light background image on each page, when you read it, you feel you are reeding something royal. There some inscriptions over it related to whatever you are reading. It makes you feel good, but when you read it on kindle it is plane white page.

The Secret

I get it that it is easier to read on kindle, and you save paper, but the book won’t make impact or feel that good untill and unless read with a hard copy. 

Same is the effect of book Together is Better by Simon Sinek, the less than a year old book, is based on idea of leadership.

This book has plane text no images or not much graphics, but this book will also appeal to your senses. How? This book is scented. It is scented with a specially made scent of optimism.

Once read it is really difficult to shift to soft version. Whenever you open the book not only does it feel, it feels so motivating. Whenever demotivated open the book smell it and you feel optimistic.

It happens, that sometimes I open the book simply to smell it rather than reading it again. 

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