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Means of written communication-then &now


16th October 2023 | 32 Views

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Communication is an essential tool to keep the connections alive. Today, we are so privileged to have mobile phones in our lives and social media platform to be in touch with each other with ever growing speed of internet. Though with all these privileges we remain in touch with each other but hardly anyone is genuinely connected emotionally . The social media platform has become a means of putting across our views or thoughts sans true feelings. We have a large number of online friends but when in need hardly a few are seen. On the other hand the social media platforms are the medium to reach out to the masses at times in mobilising a larger sections of society yet with all the pros and cons of present day communication gadgets and mediums, we cannot forget the time when our feelings/thoughts/messages used to be conveyed through handwritten plain paper in an envelope, inland letter and post card. Majority of today’s generation might not have seen inland letters and postcards. That source of communication was good in a way that our written communication abilities used to improve. Whatever was written used to be poured out of the heart with true emotions and feelings. These letters used to touch one’s heart and contents used to be candid enough, straightforward and emotionally motivated. When a person was at a far away place and was required to be informed of the problem behind at one’s home be it a health issue of any family members or any family issue involving one’s wife, children or parents, by the time the letter used to reach the concerned person through post and when that person confirms back by asking through letter, the issue had already resolved.

But, in today’s situation, a message is flashed on WhatsApp in the fits of anger within seconds and the receiver is disturbed mentally and emotionally which at times result in unpleasant situation. Today with brevity of messages with distorted abbreviated form we have lost an art of writing and have become handicapped in effective written communication devoid of heartfelt emotions and feelings. All technological advancement are good for the society and humanity at large provided the same is used for self aggrandisement in a better manner with a human touch.

Prem Singh



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