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Goodbye!” It’s just a word but it has differents meaning. Saying goodbye maybe hurt and sometimes is not. Here’s the following you’ll know how to say goodbye that is not really hurt.

1. Don’t say goodbye without any words of affirmation.


Why ? Because if you’re a girl and your lover tells you “goodbye” just like that, for sure you were thinking alot ” goodbye? Really? Is he have affairs? Is he still love me?” Girls are overthinking, mark that! It doesn’t mean they overthink they don’t like you! They overthink because they care from you. Say Goodbye with words of affirmation example: “Goodbye my love take a rest for now because tomorrow is another bless to us” was that difficult to say to your lover.

2. Don’t say “bye” 

Really? Do you really even love here ? Just bye. Saying bye was for FRIENDS. YOUR LOVER IS NOT YOU FRIENDS. Let me remind me you that!

3. Don’t say goodbye/bye after the argument

They will be mad if you say that, fix your argument after you slept each other. Don’t let the sunset goes down if you still mad eachother. Fix your argument if you really love here.

4. Don’t say goodbye instead bye.

Bye is for FRIENDS I just said it while ago, says goodbye is good and nicely but for lover nah! Still not enough though or instead sayings ” Goodbye love” Goodbye baby” like that.

5. Don’t say goodbye if you really mean it.

There’s goodbye that they not mean it, they just say it to you “goodbye we sleep now” but they are still wake up, aware of that girls. If they really love you says goodbye that you really mean it. 

No baLast Seen: Jul 26, 2023 @ 2:36am 2JulUTC

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