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There are a lot of opportunities available which can make you earn more than Rs1000 a day. Rs 1000 per day is very easy to achieve. The difficult thing is to turn this amount into a passive income. I started out as a fresher with a hope in mind, a sense of motivation and inspiration that I would earn a ton of money from the day one of work. But this came out to be false. It took me at least 6 months of creating, developing which enabled me to earn a full passive income which is increasing exponentially. You at least require 6 months to master your capabilities of performing the work which can make you some hefty real money. In May 2018, I started out with this website and now this website is in its light phase where it is achieving a lot of success. We are building a reputation rather than just earning money. We focus more on providing value rather than focussing on our benefits. So for you to go the same way, I have shared with some of the best Actionable Ways which can make you at least Rs1000 a day, without any investment.

Freelancing will help you a lot in the Initial Days

Do you know of Pardeep Goyal from CashOverFlow? He is a real inspiration for me in the blogging field that how he started blogging, leaving his day job and just focussing on creating content for you guys. This person initially started with Freelancing, and so do I. I also started to Freelance first so that I can improve my writing skills by showing people my write-ups and taking some free feedback. I’m very well fond of Freelancing. It can make you a good amount of money if you work hard and consistently. The best part. In Freelancing, you can do work of your choice! You can pick any one thing and build your profile considering that topic only. I like to write, so that time I chose article writing for other websites. That time also I considered myself to increase my writing abilities and build my profile so that I can get more projects from other people. The higher the value you provide, higher the ratings and customer you get. And along with the money of course. Here are some of the best Freelancing websites present out there:

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. UpWork.com
  3. Toptal.com
  4. Elance.com

…and much more. You can read here the whole guide on CashOverFlow on how to start Freelancing and make a passive income for years to come online. So don’t waste time and go to one of these websites to start with your Freelancing Career now.


Blogging Business The best thing I would start if I were at the place of you. This thing has enabled me to start with a new hope and share my personal opinions with this whole world. I have earned huge loads of money using blogging, and here is the example of a blog TaskDream which I started in September 2018. In blogging, you have to write your opinions and interesting articles on the topic you like. I would rather choose to blog instead of Freelancing at this point in time. One thing to tell, don’t waste your time in taking up those small surveys as they don’t make you earn money. They are not legit ways to earn money. And there is nothing like instant earning instead of Lucky Draws or Loans from formal sources. You have to blog about the thing which you like the most, and this way you see success coming your way. You have to at least in starting to publish high quality, 2000+ words articles so that Google recognizes you and start to rank your articles even higher. I would recommend you to first write all the 30 articles in 1 or 2 months and let it sit there for more 6 months. Initially, you will see little to none traffic coming to your site, but as time will pass you will receive a good amount of money. But first of all, you have to buy hosting and register a domain for your site. I would recommend you to read a guide on any other site for purchasing a domain and hosting your website. I would recommend you to host your site on SiteGround as they have full customer support, reasonable prices. Starting a blog will not cost you more than $200. As your site will grow, expenses will be more which you can cover from your blog earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

You seriously don’t require any money to start with Affiliate Marketing. You can initially start with Amazon affiliates and then go to other networks. But first of all, it is important for you to understand that what is Affiliate Marketing? When you refer someone a product of any other company, and then that person purchases it, you get a small commission from the company to sell their product. Sites like Bluehost and Siteground give more than $60 selling one product. Unbelievable!! My site TaskDream basically tends to follow the same thing. It is also focussed on Affiliate Marketing through Amazon Affiliates. Some of the best Affiliate Programs out there are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Shareasale
  4. Clickbank
  5. Bluehost

…and much more. You can read the best affiliate networks here.


Nothing is gonna happen unless and until you are not going to implement one of the things which I told you. As I told earlier, there are many opportunities for you to earn money online and even offline. This is what I share on TaskDream. There is nothing like instant money. If you want some money immediately, then go to the bank for the loans. Now it’s your turn to implement one of these things. Tell me in the comments section below if you have any inquiry or any suggestion. I will definitely respond to it as soon as I get time.

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