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Why Removing Shrink Wrap Makes Sense –

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Why Removing Shrink Wrap Makes Sense –


Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment is taken seriously here at NIP LTD. That’s why we’re excited to announce a significant step forward in our sustainability journey: the complete removal of shrink wrap from all our products. We firmly believe that every small change can make a big difference. By eliminating shrink wrap from our packaging process, we’re actively reducing plastic waste and taking another step towards a greener future.


Shrink wrap has been a long-standing packaging solution for many industries, providing convenience and protection during transit. However, we totally understand its negative impact on the environment, as it is non-recyclable, taking hundreds of years to break down and contributing to the growing plastic waste crisis. Production of shrink wrap also relies also on the extraction of fossil fuels, primarily petroleum and natural gas.


The extraction and processing of these resources contribute to environmental degradation and the depletion of non-renewable energy sources. The impact of eliminating shrink wrap also goes beyond environmental benefits.


Shrink-wrapping requires significant amounts of heat and energy during the packaging process. By removing this step, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also drive efficiency within our operations. This move exemplifies our commitment to streamlining processes, reducing energy consumption, and maximising our resources.


We firmly believe that sustainable practices are not only environmentally responsible but also economically advantageous. By bidding farewell to shrink wrap, we are embracing alternative, sustainable packaging solutions that align with our core values.


Our Commitment to Quality

Of course, ensuring your print orders find their way to you flawlessly is of the utmost importance. That’s why, before implementing this change, we conducted testing procedures, so all items still arrive in pristine condition as you’d expect. When it comes to this decision, we are not just transforming our packaging practices; we’re reiterating our promise to be a catalyst for positive change.


Our journey toward sustainability does not stop here. We will continue to explore innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact, embrace renewable energy, and promote ethical practices throughout our operations.


It’s all about being part of a wider sustainable supply chain that has environmentally friendlier practices at its heart. These ways of working benefit you as our customers and in turn your own clients. Want to learn more about the other steps we’ve taken towards being more sustainable? Read our blogs on Our Sustainability Practices and how we can be Your Sustainable Print Partner.

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